Project Description

The goal of the software development was to support the connection of measuring instruments in the laboratory with the customer’s own software. On the one hand, the information about a sample must be transferred from the software to an analytical instrument and, on the other hand, analytical results must be transferred back to the software from an analytical instrument. In addition, the application should store all information about available measuring devices per laboratory.

An essential part of the laboratory process is the transmission of data to an analytical instrument in which the actual measurement is carried out and the result (e.g. quantity of a certain substance) is quantified. These measurement results must be assessed by a laboratory technician in terms of data quality and consistency and may be compared with the sales order for capabilities results. The results of the sample must be matched to the customer’s order and stored in the correct results field in the query and reporting database. Similarly, samples are measured on the basis of an analytical instrument and must be used for internal and external purposes.