Project Description

An internationally operating system house in the field of fingerprint recognition contracted us to develop an easy-to-use software suite for the registration, comparison and management of biometric data used to implement a residents’ registration system.

The first stage of this project required software that was able to register residents based on their fingerprints, documents (e.g. registration form and birth certificate) and a photograph that needed to be taken for the purpose. This software needed to be able to record the data offline on mobile devices and import them into the central system at a later point in time. After the data were imported into the central system, the software was required to run the automatic process of fingerprint recognition and fingerprint comparison in order to identify possible duplicates and thus potential misuse. In the case of an abnormality, the results of this comparison needed to be visualised and confirmed using a confirmation procedure based on the dual-control principle using another application. The next stage of the project required the identification card to be printed and passed on to the quality control department after successful registration. The quality control team also required software that would enable it to check the physical card against the system. After this stage, the cards could be personally handed over by a member of staff, who could use a final software product to yet again analyse the resident’s fingerprint on location and confirm their identity before issuing them their correct card.

We were contracted to implement elements of the software suite. We also provided the project manager and dealt with the development of the software based on the SCRUM framework and using state-of-the-art technologies in cooperation with the customer’s software developers. After the software had been implemented, the site acceptance test was conducted by us in Zambia, Africa, and the staff of the end customer were trained to use the applications.