Project Description

A common software solution for sampling order processing and sampling should be developed. Centralized disposition and thus better customer loyalty should be made possible. In addition, it was necessary to achieve significant efficiency improvements in the processes. The problems of the largely manual process were to be solved by automation. In addition, the process should be completely paperless. The software should increase planning buffers and make the entire process scalable. The software should be easy to deploy and easy to update.

It was to be taken into account that different contracts are established per customer. In addition, customers have different internal structures with implications for master data and processes, which had to require the possibility of manual intervention. In addition, several planning hierarchies (vehicle/samplers, internal/external samplers) had to be considered.

A mobile application for samplers was part of software development. This shows the routes for the sample taker on a specific day and defines what he should do in a given location. In addition, the samplers should inform at an early stage which and how many vessels are to be taken for sampling the day.